What are the benefits of social media marketing? Although it might seem like social media marketing is nothing more than a trend, statistics are showing that the ROI of social media marketing is growing stronger, and can benefit your business in more ways than you realize. Hubspot states that “92% of marketers agreed that social media is important for their business, up from 86% in 2013,” and that “80% of marketers indicated that their social media efforts increased traffic.” Nevertheless, the benefits of social media marketing extend further than just an increase in traffic. By marketing your business on social media platforms, you increase brand recognition and brand loyalty. By having regular updates on a social media platform, your business can engage your customers and instill loyalty. Whereas your company’s official web site may appear static and unchanged over a period of time, by comparison a stream of consistent updates on a social media platform lets visitors know that your business is very much alive. With each post, there is a chance of attracting new potential customers, as well as engaging with your current customers. As the amount of followers increase over time, so does the strength of your business’s brand. With every new follower comes the possibility an exponential increase in your business’s audience, as followers can let other followers know about your business, either willingly or inadvertently, and having more followers means more possibilities for conversions. Having regular updates and interactions with customers on social media platforms humanizes your brand. Your business will seem like less of a faceless entity, and the loyalty of your customers will improve as a result. If you are interested in improving the brand of your business with social media marketing, contact me at (561) 394-9455 or email at [email protected] to discuss the best possible plan to suit your needs.
Theodore Whatley
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Online Marketing Director