Websites In A Nutshell

When people ask me what does a website design cost, the only answer I can give them is how much does a car cost? Does your website need to have many moving parts, such as an e-commerce section? If so, how many products are you trying to sell? Do you have great photography of your products? The reason why a great site like works is due to the user-friendly experience throughout the shopping experience. If you walk into a retail store and the items are displayed neatly and clear of clutter, then your impulse to make a purchase becomes heightened. Websites in general have made vast improvements in the last few years. currently, 70% of today’s websites are built on a WordPress platform. At ibi designs, we have come to the conclusion that with so many templates available to our webmaster team, it makes sense to purchase a theme and customize it to your specific needs. This is a tremendous savings to our customers and decreases the amount of time to build a site. Our last 7 delivered websites have been on a WP theme and clients and our team are very proud.  So, the question is still true though, if e-commerce, how many products? If only services, how many? It all comes down to how many pages your site will need to get your business on track. If your interested in our complete website design and maintenance packages, please do not hesitate to call us at 561.394.9455 or email me:  [email protected]

A sampling of our recent website designs: