Point of Purchase

Point of Purchase

Understanding a dieline for packaging is a special skill set. The scoring, folding and gluing process has to be well thought out prior to expensive printing. Ibi designs has great experience in POP design.

  • Brewzii

    ibi designs created the brand imaging for Brewzzi’s Microbrewery in Palm Beach county, Florida. From food, wine to hand assembled point-of-purchase table top beer menus, our team did it all. The original food and wine menus were constructed from sheet copper bolted together with solid brass bolts, them clear anodized for protection. Enlarge


  • Leobs Foods | Onion Crunch Snack

    From the creation of Lil Nicky onion character to the nutritional facts panel, all created at ibi designs. Our client insisted on a warm and inviting snack pack design for his product and it was delivered. The gold tone onions were photographed in the studio as well. We enjoy doing food product packaging. Enlarge


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