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Architectural Photography

At ibi designs, we photograph structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and are accurate representations of each framework.

Photography by Edward Butera

Edward Butera honed his photography skills from ESTO architectural photographer, Otto Baitz back in 1989. Learning the importance of light, camera angle and patience shows in the excellent photography delivered by Edward. Since the introduction of this skill set, ibi designs photography has landed many covers of prominent publications, including: Christies Great Estates, Unique Homes, Forbes & Prestigious Homes.

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The Quintessence of Excellent Architecture

These featured images are a sampling of exterior and interior photography prepared by ibi designs. Our services are retained by many upscale Architects, Builders, Interior Designers throughout South Florida.

Our photography services have been performed for the most expensive estates in the state of Florida, from direct Atlantic Oceanfront properties to the sprawling equestrian estates of Wellington. Architects, Builders, Interior Designers, Kitchen & Bath specialist to Carved Stone fabricators, all have prospered from our photography services.

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Yacht Photography

From overhead drone shots to state room interiors, ibi designs is perfectly positioned in South Florida to handle any size mega-yacht, sport fishing vessel to offshore racing events.

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