Edward Butera, graphic designer, artist, photographer and founder of ibi designs inc. in 1982 has gained his experience of high-end offset printing from presses in New York, New Jersey and South Florida. ibi designs continues to provide custom designed and printed brochures, media kits, postcards, mailers, packaging, letterhead, and business cards that are award-winning. Recently in 2008, ibi designs received a first place International Property Award from CNBC for website design and print media advertising.
Our graphics are original and have a New York style. Edward Butera graduated from The New York Institute of Technology in 1982 with a Bachelor Of Fine Arts in advertising & design and as you will see in the studio's portfolio, the work is well known throughout the South Florida area, example: the popular Brewzzi's and Lemon Grass restaurants. Our graphic designers can facilitate your needs, be it an original logo design to a refreshing update to an existing logo, our graphic artists are efficient and can work with any budget.
Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization. Our professional web design team is knowledgeable in many areas of this ever changing industry. Our web design team can dynamically deliver a website that is affordable, user-friendly and clean in functionality. SEM and SEO can also be provided upon request. With BLOG / style websites upon us, feel free to ask our team specialist, Jennie Lottimer, SEM/SEO, Certified in Organic Search Engine - studies performed at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton.
Ibi designs enjoys the challenge of a single, multi-page ad or any type of print / digital advertising. We believe our clients success can still be achieved by print advertising and at the same time drive the reader to their web site. Our clean design philosophy is also applied to our Ads, along with the awareness of color trends, typography, fashion ideas all keeping our clients on track. Call us now for rates on our new capabilities of a web-based "virtual page turner presentation."
Edward Butera worked with professional architectural photographer, Otto Baitz. His mastery taught our studio how important the magic hour of light is. Within the first year of our expansion into photography and the introduction of Adam Rutledge to the team, ibi designs landed the cover of Christie's Great Estates and Unique Homes magazines. If you are interested in our stock photography please contact for options and pricing.

We employ a small group of graphic designers, web designers and professional photographers, all having different passions. Our talents are thriving on new projects, education, technology and the future. The main focus is to apply a high design sense in everything we do. We remain connected with the latest trends in fashion, design, architecture, graphics, web design, photography. Our 2,200 Sq. Ft. studio is conveniently located in the heart of Boca Raton's industrial section a quarter mile west of Mizner Park.